A junior high school student (when this topic is written), grade IX. An Indonesian, lived in a small, quite and mind city in west of Sumatera Island. Known as Otaku with all of friend in the school. Other that, known as ‘little girl’ in family. Because I just 13 years old now (may 2008)!

Name: Otakushoujo (Otaku’s girl = anime, manga, game and Japan lover), real name: Nindo Mayang Sumba.

DOB: 20 august 1994

Location: Bengkulu, Id.

Gender: Female

Blood-type: O

Interested in: Anime, Manga, Japan, Music (just listen on it… not make a band), love all things about geoghraphic, physics and math.

The most value things in my life: god, family, brains, mind, friends, my lovely laptop…

Contact Person:

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